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By joining Wooflinks as a Professional Partner, you will have access to your own personalised web page which will be displayed in front of 5000+ dog owners who visit our site each month. 

Showcase your services, pricing, gallery of photos, operating areas, contact info, social links, website (if you have one!) and customer reviews, and attract more customers to your dog business today.


How does Wooflinks benefit my dog business?

We save you money

Professional websites cost hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pounds to set up, along with monthly hosting and maintenance fees. We provide you with your own personalize web page, where you can display all your vital business info, for less than you would pay for monthly hosting alone.

We save you time

Whilst social media is a fantastic, free tool that all business owners should take advantage of, effective social media management takes a lot of consistent effort and time, which you often just don’t have. With Wooflinks, you only need to set up once, and our investment means you maintain an online presence and attract customers without the need for daily social media engagement.

We attract BUYING customers who are looking for what you’re offering

Unlike your social media following (who are likely to be either your existing clients or your family, friends and fans) Dog owners we drive to Wooflinks are new, potential customers who are ready to buy. 1 new potential buying customer is worth 10,000 non-buying followers.

We make sure your business is seen online.

Our model is built on the strength of community. The more businesses we partner with, the higher the collective investment into web optimisation tools that push Wooflinks to the top of Google’s rankings. The double advantage of this is that not only will more customers find you on Wooflinks, but we provide a backlink to your website and socials, which means your personal site will also rank more highly.

We build trust for your brand

Your Pro Partner page is designed so that you can display up to date, relevant documentation pertaining to the profession that you are in. Wooflinks is building a community around reputable businesses like yours, so by partnering with us, you’re adding to the credibility of your business.

You get to keep 100% of your takings

Unlike other dog sites, we’re here to help you get the most out of your business, not take a cut of your profits or claim ownership over the clients who find you through us.


It only takes 3 simple steps

So get started today!


Join as Pro Partner

Click on the “Create Your Profile” button below and select the “Professional Partner” package. Fill out the online form and this will automatically populate your very own web page.


Add your link to your socials

When we have approved your listing, visit your page and copy and paste the URL to the “website” box your social media business page, and Google listing. Let your followers know you have joined Wooflinks by sharing your new web page with them!


Follow and interact with our socials

Become active member of the Wooflinks community and expect the favour to be returned by our social media team!