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All About Us

Hi, I'm Chloe and I'm an Animal Healer & Communicator specialising in nervous, anxious and reactive dogs.

My work delivers effective results, is based on quantum science and can be done remotely - saving your dog any unnecessary stress.

I offer a six-week programme as well as one-off energy realignment sessions for both you and your pet.

I also offer training in my methods for other dog professionals.

What to expect during a remote healing & communication session
1. We agree on a time when you can sit and just relax for 20 minutes or so and observe your pet. I send you a playlist of beautiful music to listen to help relax you.
2. I message you and tell you I’m starting the treatment.
3. I use a photo of you and/or your pet to connect in with your energy and work to heal and rebalance where you are blocked or stuck. While I’m doing this, I receive important messages that you need to know.
4. When I’m finished, I message you again to let you know where you/your pet were out of alignment, where you needed healing and pass on all the information I received during the session and you can ask me any questions.
It’s a bit like having a reading with a medium for you and/or your pet but you also get to relax and be sent beautiful healing energy at the same time!
Here’s what clients have had to say:
“You’ve hit the nail on the head! I felt like I really connected with my dog.”
“Spot on! Sitting in a lounger chair in the garden for 30 minutes doing nothing is not something I’d normally make time for so I’ve enjoyed it even just for that!”
“The heavy feeling I’ve been having really lessened”
“I just think it's so amazing what you've picked up so quickly, couldn't have hit the nail harder on the head there with us both, you are fabulous at what you do 💕
“I found it very relaxing and love the playlist”
“She seemed to be more settled when you started and we were both nodding off towards the end”
“I felt so relaxed during the session and still do now!”
“You really do have a gift”
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