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All About Us

Your Go To Virtual Assistant to the Canine Industry

You didn’t set up your business for your love of admin or to spend time faffing around with technology, did you?

If you’re feeling the enormous weight of admin overload, constantly battling against time, endless emails and fiddly tech, you're not alone. It's the reality many in the canine industry face, when all you want to do is spend time with your clients and their dogs.

It leaves you feeling more overwhelmed than overjoyed.

Running a business is demanding but when you need to be with your clients and their beloved dogs it requires a special kind of commitment. The complexities of operations, logistics, customer relations, and industry-specific tasks are all consuming!

Imagine a world where you’re free to focus on what you do best - working ON your canine business, not IN it. Where you get to focus purely on training, grooming and caring for dogs while someone else handles the back-end chores. From wrangling emails to smoothing out logistics, I’m here to lighten your load.

This is about more than just delegating tasks. It's about providing a solution to your time constraints, lessening your workload, and regaining control over your business. It's about crafting a partnership, so you focus on growth, success and restoring a healthy balance between work and life.

Hi, I’m Fiona, I’m the founder of The Canine VA and I set up my business for the love of dogs and the people who run their businesses dedicated to them.

Many dog business owners find themselves frustrated and stretched to the limit. With only so many hours in the day, you often have to choose between working ridiculous hours to stay on top of everything, or spending time with your own human and doggy family!

Why should you have to sacrifice your life for your business success?

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