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All About Us

We are your mobile holistic vets!

We take time to get to know you and your pet, and together we find solutions that feel right for YOU.

Is your pet nervous at the vets?

Is it difficult to get them there because of their mobility (or yours)?

Do you want to feel at ease, knowing that there's never a rush, you get to ask all your questions and you see a vet you know, who knows you and your pet, and who truly listens?

Are you interested in supporting your pet naturally?

And at the end of their life, do you want to let them go peacefully and stress free in their home?

We're here for you for all of this.

And if you live further away, we can often support you with video consultations- just ask.


We're both highly experienced vets, each with over 20 years of working in busy clinics and more recently treating pets in their homes.

It's so important to form a genuine trusting and comfortable relationship with your vet. After all, your pet is a part of your family. And you should feel completely at ease when it comes to looking after their health.

It's our mission to help you do just that.


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